1966. Born in Sélestat, France.

1980. Receives a priceless present – a Minolta SRT100X camera.

1982. Works photography and black and white developing and printing at the high-school photo club, Lycée Louis-Pasteur, Strasbourg, France.

1986. Deug (equivalent of an Associate degree) in English, University of Strasbourg, France.

1986. Wins a grant to study at Goshen College, Indiana.

1988. Attends her first blues show ever: Koko Taylor, in Indiana.

1988. Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Goshen College, Indiana.

1988. Attends the 5th Chicago Blues Festival just before moving back to France.

1990. Master's in Journalism, University of Strasbourg, France.

1990-today. Journalist at the Charente Libre, a regional newspaper, in Angoulême, France.

1991. First visit to New Orleans, discovery of the rich music heritage and all the live music.

1994-1995. One-year sabbatical in Asia, spent collecting data to write a book about women working in development (education, health, human rights...).

1997. Second visit to New Orleans.

1998. Publication of 'Asie, Combats de Femmes', a book about women in development (education, health, human rights...) in Asia, co-written with Carine Hahn, a fellow journalist, after one year of interviews and gathering data in 10 different countries. Series of lectures about the book and photo exhibits about Asia (Paris, Lyon, Angoulême, Sélestat...).

2000-2001. Website and CD-rom creator and designer.

2002. Publication of 'Le Piéton d'Angoulême', a thematic city tourist guide, co-written with fellow journalist Astrid Deroost.

2008-today. Volunteer in hospitality at the Cognac Blues Passions festival, Cognac, France.

2010-today. Works on her third book, about the Blues Highway, from Chicago to New Orleans, via St. Louis, Memphis and Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas...

2010, Winter. Trip back to Chicago.

2011, Fall. First trip on the Blues Highway, five weeks from Chicago to New Orleans.

2012, Spring. Attends Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2012, Fall. Second road-trip, six weeks, to Mississippi, Memphis, Arkansas, and New Orleans.

2013, Winter. Back to Chicago and St. Louis.

2013, Fall. Third road-trip, six weeks, to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Memphis, Arkansas.

2013-today. Website designer and social media manager for musicians. Helps promote musicians and visual artists connected to the blues, leading to several European premieres.

2014, Spring. Fourth road-trip, two weeks, to Memphis and Mississippi.

2014. First photo exhibits about music, Screamin' the Blues and Jammin' Karma at Le Karma, in Angoulême, France.

2015, Spring. Spends four months in Mississippi to work on the book about the Blues Highway (to be released in 2017).

2016, May - October. Has her first American exhibit, at The Blues Foundation, in Memphis.