Mighty Mo Rodgers

Bagnols Blues Festival | Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France | 2015
Mighty Mo Rodgers

Mighty Mo Rodgers © Francoise Digel

“The blues scream is more than a scream... it comes out of the Holy Howl,” explains Mighty Mo Rodgers. “A pre-word state where language cannot articulate the pain, and shame and existential rage from which blues emerged as a voice for the voiceless. The blues scream is a cry, a tear, a laugh and orgasmic sexual scream.” In 2016, with Mud’n Blood, his “sixth blues cycle,” the pianist and singer pursues his exploration. He travels in time and space to where it all began, Mississippi.



(From his not-to be missed 2016 Mud'n Blood) 

Mighty Mo Rodgers - Goin' South

Mighty Mo Rodgers - Haunted By The Blues

Mighty Mo Rodgers - Juke Joint Jumpin'

(Being French, I also particularly love his Black Paris Blues)





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